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Kayli | Lifestyle

When my friend Kayli said she wanted to do a lifestyle session with her and her fur babies, I was so excited! Kayli is a blast, and is so strong and independent. She never turns away from the hard work and discipline it takes to cultivate real growth, and as a result I think she has become so comfortable in her own skin, and more confident in who she really is, especially in the last few years.  I love that she is in love with her life enough to want to document it.


Be like Kayli.


Stop waiting for your engagement, marriage, babies,  and kids to value your life and have it photographed. You, the way you are, and where you are is valuable.

At home, in your yoga pants, with your pets… that’s a gift.

Yes, I’m talking to myself.

Brinker Family | Home

This Family!

I got the chance to photograph my sister, brother-in-law, and their two littles a few weeks back, and it was so fun. 🙂  My sister is a gifted pianist, and naturally she’s teaching her kiddos to play.  She wanted to capture some of those moments, and I love how it turned out!  I love the way Catalina looks up at her while she’s playing for reassurance. So sweet! We also spent time capturing some moments in their kitchen, where they spend SO much time together, prepping, and cooking.  On the menu this night was pancakes of course! A household and neighborhood favorite. I’m in love with catching some of these more relaxed, everyday activities.  If you play with magnatiles, legos, stuffies, cook, and have tea parties at your house, that’s exactly what I want to photograph.

Love you humans.

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Angela | Maternity

I had the privilege of photographing these two when they got engaged last year, and we joked that “this time next year” maybe I would get to take some maternity photos for them… and then it happened folks! Dustin says I’m not allowed to take their pictures again if they’re pregnant this time next year. ha! Love watching this sweet family grow.  Angela is as sweet and kind as she is beautiful, and I love that she’s in my life.